Dress Banana Republic Limited sizes left so below I have listed many similar options | Shoes Similar Here | Watch ARVO | Bag Similar Here

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this dress!! I have worn this eye catching dress for two different date nights so far and I would love to wear it for day with black ballet flats....brunch perhaps? 

The first date night I wore this ultra feminine dress was to one of our favorite Italian restaurants Osteria Toscana in Palo Alto.  Order the beef carpaccio.  It's the best I have ever had, and yes, I have been to Italy:)

I wore this entire look last Wednesday. We started our date meeting a few friends at Jazz in the Plaz in beautiful down town Los Gatos.  Then the two of us went to Nick's Next Door for dinner. Nick's is probably one of the best spots to dine in Los Gatos. It's not only our favorite so be sure to make reservation. I would say call at least a week in advance.  We are never disappointed! I have to add the best part of the night was that the girls slept through the night!! Yay!!! I just had to share this wonderful news. We are so proud of Margot and Sophie. Hopefully this is a permanent thing and just not for that one night....fingers crossed! 


Motherhood at Seven Months

Outfits Cat and Jack | Shoes Starry Knight Design on Etsy

Seven months of motherhood has flown by, yet I can’t remember the days when I did not have to worry about my little bugs. My entire life, I knew I wanted to be a mother, and here I am doing it!  Somedays it hits me: “Oh my god. I am a mom. These two beautiful girls are mine.” 

Days with any new baby can be a blur, but with twins things are extra blurry.  It is so easy to think, “what’s next” and getting caught up in the “task” of motherhood. A bottle. A nap. A walk. A diaper change. Repeat. I have been trying really hard to hold on to the moment and value where the girls are at today. Live in the moment. It sounds like such a cliche but, god, it’s especially true when kids are concerned. You don’t get this time back.

Being a mommy to identical twins, I feel it’s very important to celebrate their differences and at the same time foster their very special unique twin bond and relationship. I am absolutely loving watching the girls develop their own little personalities.

Margot loves to smile with her cute little tongue out. She is an incredibly curious little girl and needs to reach out and touch everything including mine and her daddy’s face. Margot loves meeting new people and is quick to give a smile. She can’t stop rolling over but does not yet understand why she needs to be on her tummy so she becomes frustrated through out the day. I am sure she will figure out soon enough this position will lead to crawling and exploring which our Margot will love.  She loves when I give her kisses on her cheeks and belly. Margot has a hard time falling asleep but once she is out she is out!

Sophie can’t stop moving. She kicks all day long. We call her our little River Dancer! All I have to say is kick kick or wiggle wiggle and she starts moving. At home she is VERY out going but out and about she holds back the smiles a little and is more of a observer. She love books and music. When you talk to her she really listens. Sophie loves to cuddle and falls asleep pretty easily but wakes easy.

Both girls love their mommy and hang on every word. Who knew I was so interesting? We giggle all day. I am loving that, for the moment, I can be the center of their world. I know one day that this always won’t be the case so I am living in the moment and loving every minute of it. I love being their mother with my whole being. It is the hardest, most exhausting thing I have very done, but I would not trade a minute of it for the world. Seven months…where has the time gone? 

These super cute outfits are available at Target! Really? How cute are the girl's chucky monkey thighs in those knee high sock which are included in the set?! Sooooo CUTE!! I could eat them up! The mocs are available from a wonderful shop on Etsy.They come is lots of colors. I love supporting small business owners and they are exteamly high quality at a very reasonable price point...which is key when you are buying everything times two! 



Flats | Hat bought in France but similar HERE

The little white dress. It's crisp, clean and whispers summer much like a cool breeze on a warm day. 
I have built quite the collection of whites dresses this year. A little nuts considering I have 6 month old twins. What can I say? I like to live dangerously. I love wearing a LWD with a neutral shoe and bag keeping the look soft.  Unfortunately the one I am wear, above, is no longer available but found a few you will love below!  


Our Bedtime Routine

Little Miss Sophie holding sissy's hand. Melts my heart. 

Love Bug Margot

Cutie Sophie- She is teething so she looks like this most of the day. 
Honest Dipers They have the cutest prints | Triple Paste Best diaper rash cream on the market in my humble opinion | Water Wipes Great for sensitive bums | Our favorite bedtime read The going to Bed Book by
Sandra Boynton |

A HUGE part of getting the girls to sleep at night has been a bedtime routine. Our little nightly ritual gives the girls a sense of what's to come and this creates security for my little dolls. 
 When I first started this process, I was very strict about the order of each step and even made sure we were in the same space and used the same blanket to prep them for the night. You can create whatever works for your family, but this routine is ours. Now that the girls are champs at self soothing, I don't have to be quite so ridged. Sometimes, when don't I have time in the AM, we work in a bath. The whole process takes about 40 minutes. I do have double duty! 

~ We listen to spa music. I am not sure if this helps calms the girls, but it calms me, and I think if mommy is calm all is right in the world. I use Pandora on my phone.

I change their diapers. I love Honest as far as diapers go, but I have shared my love for two products that have helped tremendously concerning Margot’s diaper rash. I am sure she will appreciate my sharing this when she is a teen. She has very sensitive skin and we would battle a rash weekly. Her doctor told me to use Water Wipes and Triple Paste. Triple Paste is a game changer. I feel like I tried every product on the market, and this is the only stuff that works. I use it at every diaper change and she has not had a rash since and it’s moisturizing.   Some of the other products are very drying. Of course if your little one has issues with diaper rash please speak to a doctor. Speaking to ours really helped.

~ I put moisturizer on them. Both girls have mild eczema. We use and love CeraVe Cream. It works the best for my girls and I started using it as well. 

~ I change them into their PJs. These Cat & Jack Sleep N’ Play are my FAVORITE!!! Why? I sorta kinda struggle with snaps at 3 AM and these super awesome pajamas zip from the bottom up. Changing a diaper, in my case two, is a snap..or should I say zip. That was a joke;) They come in three-packs and only 16.99 for the three! Deal!  They come in very cute prints and wash well. Here is the link for the pink set the girls are wearing and here is the neutral set, which I have and a cute set in blues.

~ We read the same book…Every. Single.Night. The Going To Bed Book by Sandra Boynton. It’s short yet long enough, it rhymes which babies love, and the subject matter fits the occasion. I have it memorized because I have read it 10,000 times. I was a nanny for 17 years. Spoiler alert- there is a great plot twist. The animals exercise in their PJs! Crazy. 

~ Nobody likes this except my girls. I sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star as we cuddle. I have a terrible voice! I know the words and again fits the occasion. Thank god six-month olds don’t judge your singing ability. 

~ I feed my loves. I use Avent Natural Bottle. I also like Dr. Brown but I found all the part a bit daunting having to wash twice as many bottles so I went with Avent. I have been pretty happy with my decision. 

 I am sure things will change, and we will have to make  adjustments as the girls grow but so far it has been a beautiful calm way to end our day. What is your bed time routine? Has it helped to get your little one to sleep? 


Gingham for Littles and Mom

The girl's  Romper  | My Dress is sold out similar HERE

I just CANNOT get enough gingham for summer and I am pretty sure you feel the same! Here are a few of my favorite pieces, in our favorite summer pattern,  for you and your little loves. 


A Neutral Diaper Bag

There are a few things I wanted in a diaper bag:  it needs to be big enough to hold baby stuff for twins yet still a manageable size. It needs to be stylish, and most of all, it needs to be neutral enough that it won't clashing with my outfit. I think the Kate Spade bag that I found at Nordstrom Rack fits the bill!! It also matches perfectly with my UPPAbaby stroller. Below are a few super cute bags that I would seriously consider had I not found the perfect bag! 


Pink Cherry Blossoms | Polka Dots

Hello friends!! 

Due to the ever lasting gray skies and rain, I originally wore this dress with tall black boots and a classic trench. Very cute, but the moment that sun peaked through those dark clouds and cherry blossoms lines the streets I needed to add pink! The pink loafers and bag give this dress an easy, yet pretty, vibe. 

And motherhood: I am so sleepy. Eight weeks of not sleeping more then a couple of hours at a time really can take its toll. The only way I can explain the feeling is to imagine extreme jet-lag, then care for twins. You sort of lose the sense of day vs. night. I am in a fog. With that said I am overjoyed to be a mommy, and in those moments when one of girls falls asleep on my chest, and I can feel the wight of her tiny being against me, makes all the work and sleepless nights worth it. 


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