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San Francisco

Merry Christmas! For the past five years my sisters, mom, niece and I head to San Francisco for a girls day in the city. This year my mom's friend Jenny joined and we all agree she is a fabulous addition to our now annual Christmas outing. This year we started our day in the Legion of Honor to see the amazing work of Anders Zorn. Impressive- I highly recommend this show. I was completely unfamiliar with the Swedish Master's work and now I am a huge fan. Next, we headed off to Tyler Florence's Wayfare Tavern. I could not pass up their signature dish, Fried Chicken...never disappointing. We finished our day by popping into of our favorite shops in Union Square. Have a most wonderful Christmas and thank you for stopping by.


Winter Stroll

What I wore-Top-old,similar here|Sweater-Gap|Coat-Old Navy(no long carry in black but this color is cute and only $27!|Pants-Gap(On Sale)|Shoes-Banana Republic|Belt-Old but like this|Bag-Bought in London but love this and on sale!|Hoops-Stella&Dot


What I Fancy...Holiday Hostess

1|2|3(Under $25!)|4|5|6|7

Hosting a holiday party and no idea what to wear? Do not fret, I am here to help. In hosting, many, many, many, parties I have learned a few things about dressing the part of hostess.
1. One does not have time to re-apply lipstick or gloss. I would suggest buying a long lasting color. I have a few of Chanel's Ultra Wear Lip Colour and love them! Every once in a while you may want to re-apply the clear top coat so your lips do not feel dry and a mirror is not needed. I keep my lip color in the kitchen drawer during parties.

2.If you are cooking, then wearing a watch is a must. It is very difficult to hear the kitchen timer go off over stimulating conversation and music.

3. I love to wear a dress that has a neck line that is high enough so when I bend over to pull a dish out of the oven one can't..well..see too much;)

4.I wear simple jewelry. I find bracelets and cocktail ring are in the way while preparing food.

5.I now wear an apron. I have destroyed too many pretty frocks to count by not wearing one.

6. I find wearing heels along with cooking/hosting do a number on my back and slow me down, cute flats? Yes, please!

7. I cannot rave enough about Barefoot Contessa. In FoolProof, I highly recommend making the Slow-Roasted Filet of Beef (page 122). Perfection every time! I will no longer prepare my tenderloins any other way. Love Penne alla Vecchia Bettola (page 158) and the Salted Caramel Brownies (page 216)..pure heaven!!!! I hope this helps and most all have fun! Thank you for stopping by.


A Cozy Night Out

Vest-Last Season, Love this one|Top-Banana Republic|Pants-BCBG|Shoes-Nordstrom(50% OFF!!)|Bag-Stella&Dot|Glasses-Prada|Jewelry-Stella&Dot-here, here, here|

I love dressing up for a night out but I also love staying warm! Now, I live in the Bay Area, although lately nights have dropped into the low 30's, and usually this can be enough to go to dinner but if you need more...Layer! Perhaps a cute winter hat like this with matching gloves? I really hope all of you are having a wonderful holiday season! Thank you for stopping by:)


What I Fancy...Party Glam

 photo partyGlam_zpseba0356d.jpg

Happy Friday! I cannot think of a better time of year to add a bit of sparkle to your evening look. Above would be a show stopper! Have a wonderful week and see you Monday:)


Gifts for....the littles

1|2|3(on SALE!)|4|5|6|7|8|9(On SALE!And looks like Arthur)

Happy Holidays!! Did you forget about a little someone? Here are some super cute items that may make it easier to cross off a few of the kiddies on your list. I wish I had a baby girl to shop for the puppy on that sweater, looks just like Arthur. I highly recommend adding Ganesha's Sweet Tooth to your little ones library...fantastic art and very cute story. Happy shopping!


Blue Plaid

 photo P1011368_zps5fa4b780.jpg  photo P1011399_zps69d044e3.jpg  photo P1011493_zps70df2ebe.jpg  photo P1011509_zps264f7606.jpg  photo P1011489_zps64a30ff9.jpg  photo P1011493_zps70df2ebe.jpg  photo P1011664_zps18324970.jpg
What I wore:

Dress-Zara|Shoes-Old but these are cute|Coat-Old Navy(ON SALE!)|Ring-Old but love this|Sunglasses-Prada|Tights-Old Similar Here|Bag-Banana Republic(On Sale!)|Bracelet-Stella&Dot|

Hi! I think I may wear this next Saturday for my father-in-laws 70th Birthday. I feel very "Madmen" in it. I hope everyone has a few fun parties to attend this season. We have one more the following weekend..oh what to wear??? Have the best day and thanks for stopping by!


Ten Minute Makeup

 photo securedownload-2_zps8851a3ac.jpg  photo securedownload_zps46b466bb.jpg
Recently a friend told me she has 10 minutes, at most, to do her makeup. Please advise. Day to day that is about the time I spend on my "look" so I thought not only would I share my daily routine with her, but also with you:) The great thing about this only need two brushes, one for bronzer and the other for blush.

1. First apply Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer over your skin using your fingers. I apply over a moisturizer and sunscreen, for me the Tinted Moisturizer is not enough. (My sister, Jessica, uses ColorStay Makeup by Revlon and loves it).

2. Next apply Laura Mercier Secret Concealer Anti-cernes under eyes using your middle finger and pat rather than rub (the skin under your eye is very delicate and using the pointer can apply a bit too much pressure)

3. Apply the Laura Mercier Metallic Creme Eye Colour in the same fashion as the concealer but to the lid. A little goes a long way with this product. Pictured is Platinum but I also love it in Gold. Maybelline eye Studio Tattoo Metal Eyeshadow in Inked in Pink or Barley Branded will give you the same look.

4. Fill in those brows in a lite feathering motion. Loving TRISH McEVOY Precision brow Shaper

5. Bronzer. Apply with a brush where the Sun would hit for a soft glow. I adore NARS in Laguna. It lacks, thankfully, the hit of orange that so many other bronzers have. It's very brown/honey.

6. Smile! Place blush using a brush on the apples of your cheeks. I have found that NARS in ORGASM (the name in it's self will make you blush)looks good on everyone! I worked as a makeup artist for a few years, mostly weddings, and this was my go-to blush.

7. Mascara-I love buying this product at a drug store. Your mascara should be replaced every three months regardless how much you have left. Currently using COVERGIRL LashBlast Fusion in Black.

8. Are you running around all day without a moment to look in a mirror? Go with gloss. I love the Victoria Secret's Shiny KISS. I also covet Chanel lipgloss. Want a bold look...going out to dinner? Love M.A.C's matte colors. Pictured above is ALL FIRED UP and TRUST IN RED lip pencil.

If you have five minutes 1,2,5,6,8 (gloss).

I hope this helps you feel polished and saves you a bit of time during such a busy time of year!


Gifts for....Him

 photo GIFTSFORHIM_zps41a06739.jpg 1|2|3(On Sale!)|4|5|6(Under $5)|7|8|9

Hello! Oh my goodness 16 days left to shop. Have you bought the man in your life a little something yet? Personally, I find shopping for Shaun a little daunting. Everything he would get really get excited about is so not in the Christmas budget and what he needs can fall a little flat. For example, a tie but perhaps a Burberry tie? Now that is something to get excited about. It has also been unusually cool (freezing!) here in the Bay Area so these slippers may end up under our tree. Later this week a Gift Guide for the Littles:) Thank you for visiting Darling Audrey.


Gifts for....Her

1(Under $50!)|2|3|4|5 (30%off online w/promo code PRESENTS through 12/8)|6|7(Great stocking stuffer and under $25)|8|9|10(Under $30)

I hope by now most of the stress of holiday shopping is behind you but if you still have not crossed off the fashionista from your list, here are a few fun ideas....or perhaps add a few to your wish list;) Look for next week's guide for "Him" and the little ones. To make it easy, there is a little 'Holiday Gift Guide' button on the side that will link you to all my guides as they are added. Have the most wonderful weekend!


What I Fancy....Party Preppy


Happy Holidays! I'm sure by now everyone is is in full swing of the season and going to parties, baking, and shopping! I am putting together a few looks for the different types of parties you might attend or host this season. Above would look fabulous at an intimate dinner party, going from office to "holiday happy hour', with a simple change of the shoes or office Christmas party. Check back this Friday if you are still looking for gifts..I am adding a gift guide! :) Thank you for stopping by.


Walking Arthur

P1011232 P1011242 P1011280 P1011322 P1011439 P1011461 P1011500 P1011512

What I wore: Sweater-Gap|Turtleneck-Vince|Pants-BCBG|Scarf-Burberry|Boots-Target|Watch-Marc by Marc Jacobs|Jewelry-Stella&Dot here,here

Hi! I must start by saying...we used a lot of treats to do this. A Bernese Mountain Dog is not exactly a breed that loves to "dress up". Arthur was also really bothered that my sister, Jessica, had to stand 10 feet away to take these pictures. His need to herd was far stronger then a need to model but it was worth the bag of liver treats to get super cute pics of him. He is so handsome! Thanks for stopping by:)
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