by Nickie Bagai


Gift Guide For The Littles

Here are a few gift ideas sure to please the littles. My son Ronin begs every time it rains to jump in the puddles, Hunters are not only stylish but functional as well! And what little girl wouldn't love an American Girl Doll? The favorite in our family is Kit Kitteridge. My daughter Taylor is in high school now, but she spent countless hours dressing Kit up and learning about America in the 1930's. Take good care of it and you can pass it down to a dear friend's daughter like we did.  Have you played the Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel game? Aside from being fun, it's really cute. My sister Nickie and I grew up reading Beatrix Potter books, so when I saw that my love of plaid and the art of Peter Rabbit's beautiful water colors came together in a beautiful blanket, I couldn't resist this throw that would be gorgeous out on a stroll on a baby's pram. The countdown is on... Happy Shopping!



The Red Shoes

As I write this post, I am sitting in Germany! I am so sleepy...but you know what helps? A walk in the crisp winter air through a Christmas Market. We ate this delicious potato pancake that you dip in apple sauce and sipped Gluhwein (a mulled wine). This was my first time visiting a Christmas Market and it was everything I thought it would be. Charming, magical, and a happy group of townspeople joined together all sharing in the joy that is Christmas. I will keep you posted so you can follow me on this trip on Instagram or search #NBTRAVELS. Thank you for stopping by!

Red Heels-Charles by Charles David|Jacket- Burberry|Jeans- F21|Top-Zara|Bag-Kate Spade Last Year Current Here|


Gift Guide For Him

The biggest storm in a decade has hit the bay area and people are hunkered down! So if you still have your power, you may as well get some Holiday shopping done, while staying dry! Here are just a few ideas for the man in your life. Stay safe!!

Scarf| Watch | Cardigan | Turntable | Sneakers | Duffel | iPad Mini 3 | Belt | Glasses | Coaster Set | Shave Kit

Cheers, Jessica


Floral Dress

What I Wore Dress-tilon|Shoes-Via Spiga(on sale!)|Moto Jacket-Similar|Glasses-Tory Burch|Bracelet-Stella & Dot|Clutch-Target(On Clearance for $7.48)

Gift Guide For The Girl On The Go

I have traveled a bit the past few years. So I feel like I can say, with some authority, that if you need a gift for the globe trotter in your life you may want to keep reading. If your budget allows it you may want to take a look at Rimowa luggage. I think Lufthansa threw my checked Rimowa off the plane before we actually landed and everything survived.

I fell in love with the Chanel HYDRAMAX + ACTIVE ACTIVE MOISTURE MASK. On a recent international trip I took a sample and I am hooked. You wear the mask while you sleep so when you land your skin glows! Excellent stocking stuffer. And any one would love these cute make up bags from Target! Personally, I have found that if you organize your hair, makeup, skin care into smaller bags then group them in one bigger bag, like that chic Tory one below, it helps in the way of getting ready while traveling. Hope this helps cross some names off your list!



Rain, Rain....

It's raining and no one is singing the tune 'rain , rain go away'. All this rain will not pull us out of our drought quite yet, but it is a welcome step in the right direction and a lovely opportunity to wear my winter sweaters, scarves and this wrap I bought in London.

I originally went into the adorable traditional shop to purchase a classic wool sweater when I spotted this cozy wrap. We left with out it. Thankfully there was a flaw in the jacket my husband bought and we had to go was a sign. It is now part of my classic collection of my closet which are pieces, with proper care, that can last a life time. I have a feeling I will wear this stunning green tartan wrap for many years to come. Oh , don't worry , I bought a classic wool sweater or two.

Wrap bought in London but this will due or this for a more modern look and under $50|Shirt-Simialr Here|Boots-Vince Camuto this years boot|Jeans-Similar|Earrings-Stella & Dot |Bag-LV|


Blue Plaid Layers

I used to be afraid of color, and print. And now I can't help but try to layer it. It's a balancing act. A bold print layered with a not too bold print, throw in some different textures, but it all needs to remain cohesive. It's hard for me, because I usually second guess myself and end up reverting back to my old ways of playing it safe. But I think I pulled it off this time! I've worn this particular layered look quite a few times now. It's got a classic, preppy school plaid vibe and as long as I fit in it, and the clothing remains in tact, I think it's a keeper!

Jacket-Vintage Target, current version | Shirt- Vintage Jcrew, similar here | Handbag- Target | Denim- F21 | Shoes- Target | Necklace- Stella & Dot |Bracelet- Stella & Dot Sunnies- RayBan



Persimmon Salad

I love salads and I take salad making very seriously. Apparently I am pretty good at it, I hear "I want a Nickie salad" a lot. Because I eat salads at least once a day, I have created the worlds easiest yet tastiest salad dressing (I have zero desire to buy bottled dressing). No matter what type of salad, I use this recipe. To even call it a recipe seems silly because it's so simple. The key to any good dish is high quality ingredients. And with this dressing quality ingredients is key! A creamy olive oil, a lovely champagne vinegar, kosher salt, and freshly ground pepper. Below is a salad I created for Thanksgiving. I was so inspired by the Heirloom Red Spinach and the taste is a milder flavor than it's green counterpart. Not only is this salad visually stunning it very tasty. You could easily add grilled chicken and make this a side dish an entree. Enjoy!

For Salad:

Heirloom Red Spinach (currently at Trader Joes)
2 Fuyu Persimmons
1/4 chopped scallion
Desired amounts of-
Pomegranate Seeds 
Pumpkin Seeds
Slice of Creamy Blue Cheese on the side 

For Dressing:

1 TBS High Quality Olive Oil
1 tsp Champagne Vinegar 
1/4 tsp Kosher Salt
Generous amount of Freshly Ground Pepper
1/8 tsp Garlic Granules

To make dressing:

Assemble salad in a nice bowl then add the following directly to salad. Sprinkle the salt, pepper, then garlic granules, olive oil, then vinegar. Toss. Easy and tasty! 



Cableknit and Stripes

Today I am blogging from Chicago! Technically, about thirty minutes outside the city, my husband has a meeting this morning here, then we head to the city for some fun. I really do not have much to say about our trip so far other then it snowed for about ten minutes last night which I found thrilling and got me teased by our waitress. She offered up her apartment for the winter so I can see all the snow in exchange for our home sitting in 70 degree weather.

Speaking of cold days the outfit below would be perfect for a chilly day. There is the prettiest forest out behind the hotel and if I exchanged the high boots for flat ones and added gloves I would have a very cute outfit for a walk. I am sharing our day in the Windy City on Instagram so please follow along!  Have a great weekend!

Sweater-Old Navy | Turtleneck-Old Navy | Jacket-Mossimo Supply Co. | Jeans-j. crew | Boots-Stuart Weitzman | Glasses-Tory Burch


Nickie's Birthday Wish List

This coming Sunday is my Birthday. Yay!! Shaun is taking me to Chicago. Yay! I'm turning 41. Boo. Okay, I'm kidding..well a little. There seems to be some good with aging. It sounds like a cliche, but I do feel wiser. I would say my ability to understand 'who' people are (myself included) and why they do what they do has increased greatly over the past couple years which gives one patience for others and one's self. I am far more at ease with the person I am. I find it so much easier to necessarily not 'fit in'. Challenges of getting older you ask? 
I am not crazy about:
1. Needing glasses to read. 
2. Working harder to stay thin. 
3. Having to spend a small fortune on skin care. 
I suppose it's been a fair trade off having to work harder on my looks for wisdom. So happy birthday to me. I'm turning 41, yay!



Modern Buffalo

I actually purchased these pants last year and never put them on. I just had no idea how to style them, having lived through the early 90's I didn't want my look to scream 'grunge'! With plaid everywhere right now, I rethought the look and paired it with a leather sweater-sleek look to make it more modern. That's what I adore about plaid, it's so versatile, you can go classic or edgy! Now that I think about it, I am also going to style it with a chunky, black cable knit sweater and tall black boots!

What I Wore:
Top-Out of Stock Get the Look
Pants-Old Get the Look
Bag-Old Get the Look
Jacket-ZARA this years version


What I Fancy...Thanksgiving Essentials

During our childhood, our Mom and her three sister's took turns hosting holidays. Then as all of us kids grew, as well as our family sizes, our Mom (we call her Momma) hosted for our immediate family. The past few years my sister and I have started rotating with our mom Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Here is a couple of items we now find essential and a few new pretties to help make your holiday special.
Ina Garten's Make It Ahead- Instead of making everything the day of, make your day a little easier by preparing some of your menu ahead of time with Ina's recipes that never fail.

Target Threshold Measuring cups-If you're going to be measuring all day, it may as well be stylish! Copper is making a come back.

OXO Fat Separator-So essential for perfect gravy.

Williams Sonoma Brine Bag Set & Brine-I can't tell you what a difference these items make for your bird. I used to use a large (clean) Home Depot bucket that took up too much room in my garage fridge. This bag works! And the Apple Brine is a must. It makes a juicy, flavorful bird.

Berard Olive Wood Spoon-A wooden spoon (or many) should be in every home chef's kitchen. Perfect for stirring the gravy as it thickens while scraping up the bits at the bottom of the pan.

West Elms Birds of a feather salt & pepper shakers-How adorable are these?

Martha Stewart Roasting Pan-I personally use a roasting pan from my Great Aunt that was made in 1911. But a great, heavy pan at a great price like this is essential.

Staub pie dish-Once dining at a fine French restaurant I noticed they use Staub. If they use it, so should I.

Crate & Barrel Linen apron with leather ties-Spending the holiday in the kitchen? You may as well look like a pro in this classic apron!

What are your essential Thanksgiving tools?



Pale Pink for Fall


I am a girly girl so naturally I am very happy to see pale pink back this Fall. I am also head over heels for this coat and if pink is not your color what about a handbag? Think pink girls! Have a most wonderful day and thank you for stopping by.



What I Wore- Dress bought in Japan get the look|Boots-Stuawart Weitzman|Bag-Vintage Burberry|Trench-Burberry|Glasses-Prada|



Here I stand in the gardens of The Orangery in London back in August . My husband and I had a delightful afternoon of tea, champagne, sweets, and walking the gardens, but honestly, my most cherished memory of tea was experienced in Bath a year prior to our afternoon of high tea. I was on a day tour of Windsor Castle, Bath, and Stonehenge, and while walking around our second stop, it really started to pour so I ducked in to this little lunch place that serves tea in the afternoon. I asked if they were still serving lunch, the answer was no - only tea (it was about 4:30) so I ordered tea and scones. I have never really cared for scones here in the States.  They always seemed so dry, but I thought I would give it a try and boy was I pleasantly surprised! They scones were so delicious, moist, and served with clotted cream and homemade jam. I was in heaven....the rain, warm cup of tea, and the most tasty snack I have ever experienced .

Two years later, I finally decided to make them myself, and I am very happy with the results! So as the cooler season starts to set in, I can't think of a better way to spend my afternoon then recreating my cozy afternoon in Bath.
I was very happy with the recipe I found at About Food. It was easy and only took about 30 mins to make and scones were moist and very buttery. I served my scones with Double Cream, which I found at Cost Plus World Market and a high quality jam.

What I wore- Dress-Similar Here|Shoes-Target|Bag-Similar Here|Glasses-Prada|


Seeing Red

What I wore |Top-ZARA|Skirt-J.Crew Factory|Bag-Last Season Get the look here|Shoes-Halogen|Watch-MARC JACOBS|Bracelet and Ring(ON SALE!! ONLY$17.40) Stella&Dot|Sunglasses-Tory Burch|


What I fancy....Autumn


I love Autumn. No really, I do! Shaun and I married in the Fall and my birthday happens to fall during this glorious season and do I need to mention Thanksgiving Dinner? For a homemaker, such as myself, this is a lovely time of year. All I can think about is baking, making our home cozy, and comfort food with good friends. Here are a few of my current cravings to add the warmth of the season to your home. Have a wonderful weekend!

Sweetest regards,


Coffee Run

What I wore Tee-Nordstrom|Pants-Mossimo|Jacket-BCBG this seasons|Shoes-Franco Sarto|Glasses-Burberry a current look here|Watch-Michael Kors Simiar|Bag-L.A.M.B similar here|
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