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Rose Garden

What is missing from this post? My knee. We purposely left out any shot of my disgusting knee, and here is why: 
Last week I had this amazing idea, Shaun and I would take our Berner, Arthur, on a hike. We head to Los Gatos, thankfully their trails are dog friendly, and hit the popular St. Joseph's Trail. About a quarter of a mile into the hike I hit the ground. Arthur’s leash got caught behind my legs, he launches me, and now my knee is bloody and covered in gravel and dirt. 
I limp to a nearby bench and look in my backpack for something clean to apply and stop the bleeding while Shaun poured water over it to clean the mess that is now my knee. What do I find? A tampon. Thats right I cleaned and stopped the bleeding with a feminine hygiene product. I was totally embarrassed and feeling very cleaver at the same time. I would like to add that I finished the hike! There you have it. Trust me.  You don't want to see gross. 

The photos, above, were taking in the beautiful Municipal Rose Garden in San Jose. 

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Brown Wedge

Happy Wednesday!! I bring you another adorable summer dress by Zara and these perfect summer wedges! I love a wedge. For one, it is much easier to walk in then a pump; secondly, you feel put together but not to overdone, and three, you can wear them all summer with so many different looks.  Below are a few options in the brown wedge department with prices ranging from $25-250. Oh…and good news: this bag is still available at Stella & Dot, and I always get loads of compliments when I carry it. 
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Brown Wedge



Blacks Bows

    Well, hello there!!  Long time no see. “Where the heck have you been, and what have you been up to Nickie?” you say.  Well, a few trips, fun with friends but – honestly - mostly totally depressed and throwing a major pity party.  When throwing a pity party, you should include the following: 

                -Hours of Netflix. Watch to the point of reaching the end of Netflix.
                -Eat a ton of food super unhealthy food: think nachos, pizza, cookies, anything that’s fried. If it makes your feel like crap, eat it. The goal is to gain a few so you have an another reason to feel sorry for your self. 
                -Have a super grumpy attitude about most everything.

    Basically I have been a super treat to be around the last couple months (okay maybe years, just ask my husband ;) You see, last March we implanted an embryo and no-go. Serious let down.  We had used an egg donor for the first time as my eggs have loads of genetic issues.  While we thought we had a sure bet, we lost, and after two years of “trying:” four miscarriages and three cycles of IVF…I am such a hormonal mess!!!  

    So what’s next? On a much more positive note: BACK AT IT.  THAT’S WHAT.  GRRR!  On May 22 we are implanting TWO (holy crap we could have twins) embryos.  So to sum it up, I need to get my sh*t together.  I need to feel good, have a positive attitude, and get healthy all while pumping a crazy level of hormones into my body and here is my plan:

1.      Continue going to therapy. To be honest fertility issues can be a very emotional period in one’s life and can have an impact on one’s day to day life and relationship. It’s kinda nice having someone that I can say some totally-off-my-rocker- nut- job thing to and still always looks at me understanding-which is so nice!
2.      Workout. Twice a week I attend a class with PUSH Dynamic Training with Scott Samuels.  I push myself harder then I ever have in this class and feel like I have some power and control concerning my body…IVF has put me in a very out of control place when it comes to my body, and this class has given some of that back.  I am getting stronger!  I started taking yoga again, and I can’t help but think, “Why did I stop? My mind/body and posture needs this!” 
3.      Sticking to my anti-inflammatory diet. God, I feel better already. 
4.      Listen to podcasts. That sounds crazy, but it helps me get out of my own head. I love Serial, Embedded, Stuff You Should Know.  If you have any suggestions I’m all ears! 
5.      Acupuncture. My doctor recommends it, and I think it helps on so many levels-not to mention it is the most relaxing thing ever.  I fall asleep every time! 
6.      Blogging. I love doing this. That’s reason enough! 

    Well there you go. NOW I’M BACK – not just getting my life back on track, but with the blog.  I hope you missed me.  Oh, the outfit ..I almost forgot.  I bought this dress in Vancouver a couple weeks ago, at ZARA, in between stuffing my face with oysters.  It screamed Chanel so it quickly became mine!  Have a wonderful day, and thank you for reading. 

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