by Nickie Bagai


A Neutral Diaper Bag

There are a few things I wanted in a diaper bag:  it needs to be big enough to hold baby stuff for twins yet still a manageable size. It needs to be stylish, and most of all, it needs to be neutral enough that it won't clashing with my outfit. I think the Kate Spade bag that I found at Nordstrom Rack fits the bill!! It also matches perfectly with my UPPAbaby stroller. Below are a few super cute bags that I would seriously consider had I not found the perfect bag! 



Pink Cherry Blossoms | Polka Dots

Hello friends!! 

Due to the ever lasting gray skies and rain, I originally wore this dress with tall black boots and a classic trench. Very cute, but the moment that sun peaked through those dark clouds and cherry blossoms lines the streets I needed to add pink! The pink loafers and bag give this dress an easy, yet pretty, vibe. 

And motherhood: I am so sleepy. Eight weeks of not sleeping more then a couple of hours at a time really can take its toll. The only way I can explain the feeling is to imagine extreme jet-lag, then care for twins. You sort of lose the sense of day vs. night. I am in a fog. With that said I am overjoyed to be a mommy, and in those moments when one of girls falls asleep on my chest, and I can feel the wight of her tiny being against me, makes all the work and sleepless nights worth it. 

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